Clementine - 1963 Shasta - 16SC

This photo was the one I saw on a Craiglist posting on March 20, 2016. Dull and rusty and missing windows. She looked like that sad puppy at the pound and I knew instantly she had to be mine. 

I contacted the owner and we made a deal right then on the phone for the purchase. There would be five long days before we could head to South Carolina to pick her up and many arrangements to be made. Throughout that week Dennis, the owner, sent me tons of photos. The following photos are what I based my twisted notion that I could get her home, clean, paint and decorate this precious thing and be on my way to fun.

I don't recall ever being more wrong about anything. 


On March 25, we met with Dennis and his son in Camden SC to pick up our girl. It was no easy task and took some serious country boy engineering but we got her loaded on our flat bed trailer and we were on our way back home with my dream in tow.

I'm working to catch up to current day events but SO much has happened with this little gem. I'll just be adding a little at a time to this page. Check back soon for more fun!